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Earl Okin has been collecting 78rpm records (PRE-vinyl)

since he was a little boy.


These records were made between about 1890-1960

and contain a wealth of wonderful

music in all types of genres.

Yet few people have have now heard it.


So, every month, Earl chooses six tracks,

explains who the artistes were and why

they were important, before playing them.


The programme ends with one of Earl's own recordings.

All podcasts last approximately 40 minutes.


There are now over 100 programmes on line.

So, if you enjoy the current Podcast,

all you need to do is to scroll down and

all the others are at your disposal.

totally FREE!!!


Here's the link...


AND...if you already collect 78rpm records,

especially if you collect operatics...


Earl has many duplicates for sale.

If you're interested...they're listed on a page that you can access here.

Go to the top right of this page.

Under the MORE on

'78s For Sale'

Now also on

Radio Scarborough.


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