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For years, Earl Okin has headlined under the byline

‘Musical Genius & Sex Symbol’

(also the name of his SONY CD).

He first learnt his stagecraft in folk clubs.

When they were replaced by comedy clubs,

Earl moved effortlessly from one to the other and has been

a headline act on the unforgiving UK alternative comedy circuit for decades, highly respected by all his fellow performers, young and old.

He began, however, at the Comic Strip, alongside, Rik Mayall,

French & Saunders, Nigel Planer et al.

Among his admirers are such names as Billy Connolly

(who likewise began his career in folk-clubs),

Sacha Baron Cohen and Eddie Izzard

(at whose clubs Earl headlined when they were both starting out).


Among his American admirers are such established names as

Emo Philips and Rick Overton.

Earl has probably performed more ‘encores’

than just about anyone around

and his blend of comedy and music

(Tom Lehrer was one of his influences)

is in demand literally around the world.

Earl has performed at such festivals as Juste Pour Rire in Montreal,

the Adelaide Fringe in Australia

and Humorologie in Belgium with equal success.

He regularly performs in Sweden, Germany, Austria and Holland…

and at such famous US clubs as

The Comedy Store, Caroline’s, The Improv. and The Ice House.

For 18 years straight, Earl performed at the internationally famous

Edinburgh Festival Fringe,consistently coming away in profit…

a major achievement, as any Edinburgh performer will agree!

Last but not least, Earl is in high demand for both

corporate and private parties,

having entertained not only Queen Elizabeth II

but the king and queen of Sweden, too.

As with everything else he does, Earl Okin’s comedy is unique!


The Festival is really under way. Earl Okin is back for his 11th consecutive year.

He is, if anything, funnier than ever, just as amazing on both guitar and piano,

and his 'trumpet' style is still mind blowing.

To a most appreciative audience he exercised his magic again.

Age does not matter for he appeals to all from 17 to senility.

This year's show is 'Nothing To Do With Sex Whatsoever' and

if you believe that you'll believe anything.

For much of the time you think he's only ad-libbing,

but slowly realise that you are in the presence of a master of the art of cabaret.

The man is unmissable as singer, songwriter, Jazz musician, comedian and,

possibly my favourite this year, as a dance-track singer.

He's a joy! He is classic! He is a must!

Russell Hunter.


(Clips on this page show Earl on Australian TV, Dutch TV, at the Edinburgh Festival and live on stage in Los Angeles).



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